We have over 16 years of experience blending innovation and science in the horticulture industry. Our passion for plants drives our commitment to quality and connects us with our clients.


Confidentiality & Integrity

Organization and precision are the core principles of our business, producing consistent quality and guaranteed results every. single. time.


Bar Coding & Scanning

Our custom inventory software ensures your stock never mixes with with any other stock and results in a clean, healthy, genetically pure specimen.


Global Shipping & Logistics

Looking to export? Worried about regulations? No problem. We specialize in the international market and love growing our clients to their next stage in production. 


Research & Development

Technology and innovation are the heart of any laboratory. We use advanced technologies such as ploidy manipulation and flow cytometry to develop distinct new varieties for our clients.

Our specialty

Global Logistics

Looking to grow your product overseas? Next Stage Labs specializes in maintaining small volumes of clean stock for international shipping. We are uniquely positioned to help horticulture companies and plant breeders access a competitive advantage by utilizing the global market.