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Tissue Culture Services

Clean Stock Maintenance

We know the importance of having a repository of clean stock of your proprietary genetics or key commercial varieties. We’ve seen a commercial launch totally unravel when a virus was detected in a critical variety. Don’t let this happen to you! We keep your genetics safe by storing tissue culture stock in our lab.

At Next Stage Labs, we don’t have minimum shipping requirements like most tissue culture production labs. Rather, we partner with you to keep your varieties in our lab for a monthly fee. This stock is available to you any time you want to replenish your growing facility with clean material. We keep your varieties confidential, so you can be sure that your stock is yours and yours alone. With our barcoding system, you can have confidence that once in the lab, we will maintain its varietal integrity. We also maintain our stock with as few hormones as possible, keeping the multiplication rates low and reducing the risk of genetic drift.

There are so many viruses and diseases out there in the landscape, don’t gamble with your crucial varieties. Let us give you peace of mind from always having a back up in tissue culture with Next Stage Labs!

International Shipping

For horticulture companies and plant breeders looking to move plant material within the global marketplace, plant tissue culture is a crucial step in bringing proprietary stock to market. To meet stringent import regulations set by foreign governments, plant products are often required to ship in-vitro or as a sterile tissue culture plantlet. For most horticulture companies and plant breeders, setting up their own lab is simply not cost-efficient, yet many existing labs have minimum requirements that are daunting. This leaves horticulturists with few options.

Next Stage Labs can help! One of our specialities is to prepare, process, and maintain small volumes of clean stock specifically for international shipping. Our experienced staff members are familiar with the ins and outs of the global marketplace and can get you ready to advance your product and grow your business. Reach out today!